Our solution driven direct admission service aims to provide an option for individuals not meeting acute admission criteria (3 night inpatient stay for traditional Medicare or Insurance company unwilling to give authorization for skilled nursing services), however requiring and benefiting form supervisory skilled nursing oversight and stabilization.

Our reduced private pay all inclusive rate of $275 a day promotes the stabilization often necessary to avoid repeat and unnecessary ER visits.

All inclusive services include room & board, meals, therapy, medication management and full nursing services.

Patient can expect:

  • Comfortable Surroundings to recover and rehabilitate
  • Multi-discipline Therapy Services available 5-6 day per week as per physician orders
  • 5 Star Care & Service Amenities
  • Life Enriching Activities to infuse the spirit
  • Transition Planning Support by Licensed Social Service Team
  • Post Discharge Follow-up Contact & Support by Clinical Services Team

For more information please call Amy Steen at 585-558-4790 or by email at asteen@bhcg.com

Or fill out our short admissions form and a member of our team will get back to you promptly.

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